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We motivate customers and suppliers to join in

Climate protection concerns us all

Even if the American president sees the other, climate change is not a theoretical term, but reality.

It is no longer a question of "if", but only of "when" or "how intense". Every one of us - private individuals, organizations, companies - can and should make a personal contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change and promoting environmental protection. 

Licatec consistently focuses on plastics recycling

As a group of companies with its own plastics processing, we do not want to wait until politics forces us to act, but rather react now to the challenges posed to us by climate change, scarcity of resources and nature conservation as part of a sustainability strategy.

We have been investing for years

We are therefore consistently expanding our know-how and our capacities with regard to the reuse of our own production waste, as well as the sections and profile remnants of our customers. In 2018 alone, we recycled over 1.3 million kilograms of PVC and PC/ABS waste and recycled it instead of primary raw materials.

This corresponds to a CO2 saving of over 2,600,000 kilograms!

We want to further strengthen this commitment and try to win you over to this path as well.

"Active together for climate protection".

When it comes to climate protection, every single contribution counts towards fewer emissions, less resource consumption and more intensive use of secondary raw materials. As one of the largest emitters of CO2, industry is particularly called upon to exploit optimisation potential across all production processes.

The "Product Carbon Footprint" (PCF), i.e. the CO2 balance of a product over its entire service life, is the decisive value. This PCF can be significantly improved with secondary raw materials.

We don't want to talk, we want to act:

Together with you, our customers, we want to actively promote climate protection!

Let us begin. Best still today.

Your contribution to climate protection. With letter and seal.

After recycling, you will receive a certificate from us confirming your ecological contribution. With your personal annual balance sheet you can document the CO2 savings of your company and communicate them in an image-promoting way.

Recycling pays off for everyone

From many studies is known: PVC and PC/ABS recycling pays off. The production of recyclate causes considerably less greenhouse gas emissions than the production of primary materials. Our modern recycling capacities are now available to you for unneeded profile sections, returns and residual stock. Before you have to deal with complex disposal issues, simply return excess materials to us. They are professionally processed and recycled by us.

A win-win situation for everyone!

Thank you for supporting us in this initiative!

A clean affair - Licatec uses electrolysis plant of aquagroup AG in the field of cooling tower disinfection for legionella defence and saves CO2

  • Elimination of transport of dangerous goods of disinfectants
  • Elimination of middle and transport packaging
  • No waste due to measurement and control technology and exact dosing specially developed for cooling towers

Learn more about the NADES 2.0 system at Licatec