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Zertifikat Klimaneutralität


The Certification Body "climate and energy" of TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH confirms that during the audit of the company 

Licatec GmbH Licht- und Kabelführungssysteme Alfred-Nobel-Straße 2-14 50226 Frechen 

for the following scope of application Scope 1 und Scope 2 der  

  • LICATEC GmbH Licht- und Kabelführungssysteme, Frechen (D) 
  • LICATEC GmbH Leuchtenbau und Kabelführungssysteme Brand-Erbisdorf (D)
  • LICATEC Profilextrusion GmbH, Gevelsberg (D) 
  • LICATEC Produktions GmbH, Brand-Erbisdorf (D) 

has provided evidence that the requirements of the 

PAS 2060:2014 
"Specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality

for the Period from 1 st January 2019 to 31 st December 2019 were fulfilled 
and has committed to maintain the carbon neutrality during following period from 1 st January 2020 to 31 st December 2020 (Audit report Nr. 32383525) 

  • Certified climate neutrality according to PAS 2060 
  • Assessed GHG-balance 
  • Assessed monitoring system 
  • Establishment of measures to reduce avoidable greenhouse gas emissions 
  • CO² Compensation of not avoidable greerihouse gas emissions 
Cerificate N° 41.0095.20
Munich, 09.09.2020
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