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KBK-PVC Cable Trays KBK-PVC Cable Trays KBK-PVC Cable Trays

KBK-PVC Cable Trays

ideal for chemically
aggressive environments,
for high humidity,
in saliferous vicinities

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General Characteristics

Cable trays made of rigid PVC are ideal cable bearers for chemically aggressive environments, with high humidity or in saliferous vicinities. Cable trays made of rigid PVC are hard to infl ame and self-extinguishable.

The temperature stability is between -20° C up to +50° C in continous use. Earth conductors and protective conductor connections are needless due to isolation attribute and the dielectric coeffi cient of rigid PVC.

PVC cable trays are available in 2 versions. Whereas the standard profi le of up to 150 mm width has a planar base, the Avant Profi le is additionally equipped with reinforcing ribs in order to enhance the load bearing capacity

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