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Extrusion services


From the initial concept to a marketable product - the production of high quality plastic products today requires more than just classic manufacturing processes. We offer you a wide range of services to ensure your product is successfully positioned in the market and that you are left to concentrate on your core business activities.

It all starts with proper planning

The knowledge and years of experience possessed by our development experts is at your disposal. We will work together with you to design a prototype of your product idea - a service that sets us apart from many other extruders. As soon as we have the correct formulation and design we will produce your product for you within the stipulated time period.

Whether you are looking for serial products, custom-made items or special product lines for your seasonal business activities - our co-ordinated processes, which start upon receiving your order up to production of the product, enable us to ensure reliable deliveries that are precisely tailored to your requirements.

Experience our range of services for yourself.

Licatec Profilextrusion - Planung. Profil mit Zeichnung im Hintergrund


Before your product goes into production many factors need to be considered. These range from an optimum selection of materials, through to tool construction, right up to optimum production methods and timely delivery. This is why we place great importance on perfect planning.

Innovative products - safeguard your future

A particular focus of our work lies in engineering. Market requirements and customer demands of your products are constantly changing and require flexible action. By developing new products and trends you can rely on us as a partner for future-proof solutions and new ideas.

Detailed consultation - provided as a matter of course

Our development experts have long-standing expertise and possess excellent knowledge of the industry. To ensure we are able to create the best possible product for you we will be at your side during all of the phases of product development and production. Our team will provide you with detailed information for any queries about material, design, marketing and delivery.

Licatec Profilextrusion - Entwicklung. Profil mit Gelenk


play it safe

Exactly as it looks - your product. We offer you a special service which is particularly suitable for new developments by producing a prototype.

As it is a well-know fact that "the devil is in the detail", it is important to know your product will function properly later down the line.


We will create a physical sample of your product through the use of a modern 3D prototyper. Discover the benefits offered by this sample production method for yourself.

Licatec Profilextrusion - Produktion. Granulat in verschiedenen Farben


Series produced extrusions

We guarantee optimum production reliability thanks to state of the art technology and perfectly co-ordinated processes. We control all of our production phases to ensure your product does what you expect of it.

Formulation - It all depends on the composition

We develop your individual PVC formulation to ensure a product corresponds exactly to your requirements. From the colour of the product to its exact degree of elasticity and resilience, our experts in our mixing facility know what's what.

The fact that we distribute Dry-Blend and granulates to other plastic processing plants throughout Europe is testament to the high quality we produce.

Tool making - Perfection is the basis

The quality and functionality of your product depends on the perfection of the tools with which it is produced.

Whether your product requires new developments or modifications to an existing profile - our team caters for your requirements and develops the necessary extrusion dies of an unsurpassed technical level.

Licatec Profilextrusion - Konfektion.


Our customisation service makes your product perfect. This is where we offer you a wide selection of customisation options, such as milling, punching, cutting, drilling and custom sizing via precision saws - to ensure your product takes the right shape.

Services besides plastic - We offer even more

Immaterial whether we are dealing with profiles, agricultural panels or special custom-made items - we finalise and refine your plastic product with numerous details. These include, for example, bonding, printing and inscribing.

Furthermore, we also incorporate insulating and fire protection materials into the production process and join plastic and metal profiles together.

Technical perfection - successively switched

We finish off your product in the post extrusion production phase using complex and optimally co-ordinated processes. Our in-house tool making facility means we can create perfect processes for efficient production. This enables us to guarantee the highest quality in the shortest possible production time.

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